Lady's mantle touched wiht frost

Mummy! Mummy, come and see

it is a sparkly day!

While we were fast asleep in bed

Jack Frost came out to play

Fern with frost

Mummy! Mummy, come and see

it’s a lovely sparkling dawn!

Diamonds on the winter flowers

and glitter on the lawn!


Mummy, Mummy, come and see

the gardens dressed in white!

Is that a sort of party dress;Β 

was there dancing in the night?

Mossy caterpillar

Mummy! Mummy, come and see

I’ve found a caterpillar!

Crawling on the garden wall –

what a funny fella!

The best is yet to come...

(Quieter now)

Mummy, Mummy! Come and see

The sky’s a funny grey;Β 

the rain is clinging to the trees,

Jack Frost has gone away…

(dedicated to a wee friend who, on seeing the frost, told her mum “It’s a sparkly day!”)

Thanks for stopping by and may you find time to wonder today!