Adieu, Adieu, Adieu!

Grown Tired

 Goodbye December,  weeks of “weather”,

Sullen skies, winds and flood.

Farewell December, long grown tired,

Wintered fragments, scattered, past…

Christmas Bouquet

Christmas brightness, Solstice lightness,

Candled shadows, danced and fluttered,

Year grown old now, jaded, faded,

an old acquaintance now forgot…

Resilient roses, specks of brightness,

Shakes a fist at Winters wrath,

Daring still to fill the greyness,

‘Til the dark is gone at last…

Pushing Through

Once again the sun begins

Its solemn journey to the Spring,

Calling forth the sleeping garden,

Calling out unto the North.

Scattered Seeds

Out of autumn – winter sadness,

soon will come the hidden gladness,

light consume the fearful darkness,

with the turning of the year.

Ancient Lichen

Lichen lights the barren bough,

Until the leaflets spring up green,

A cloud of Goldfinch trill their song,

Chase the mournful Winter on.


Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy New Year, may you find wonders anew in 2016

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