Dwindling twilight;

refuge found

in petalled cosmos curl


Dusk in the garden; as colours fade in the dwindling light, late insects seek refuge from approaching darkness. Secreting themselves among the petals, sheltered from the wind and rain, await the first warm rays of sun.

Schizostylis coccinea

Hidden beneath pink petals, sheltered from wind and rain, long-legged insects find refuge from the ensuing darkness.

Finding sanctuary and refuge, shelter from the storm it seems any quiet corner, will do. It also appears that half the world’s population is on the move. Internally displaced in South Sudan and CAR. Thousands fleeing conflict and desperate conditions. How will we respond this Advent season? Open our hearts and homes or like Herod send an army to protect our borders and fragile kingdom? Can we walk one day in a refugee’s shoes; imagine what it is like to lose everything, stand on the border in the wind and rain while hope trickles away,like rain from unwashed hair?

“This Christmas be the light that changes everything!”

Be the Light – Yvonne Lyon (C) 2013