…Roses in November

Rosa 'Tickled Pink'

So tickled that ‘Tickled Pink’ just keeps on blooming. November and the garden is still filled with colour. Warm, dry weather and the trees hold onto their leaves in rich umber, ochre and sienna, burning golden as the sun descends and darkness falls.

Bushes festooned in berries, shimmering in the rain like a thousand garnets and topaz. Jewels in the garden’s winter crown, fruit for hungry birds. Blackbirds gather together in communion, breaking bread together, sharing the peace. A commotion of goldcrests twitter among the pine needles and cones, in the small stand of evergreens, as the goldfinches perch lightly, plucking seeds from downy thistles. The chickens greedily devoured the milk thistle seeds purposely left for small seed eaters.

Late lilies, flowering ivy, fennel; garlanded with brilliant raindrops glittering in the drabness of a grey day. Magnifying the beauty of each leaf and petal.

Rosa 'Jenny'

The softness of the petal’s curl, as yet unharmed by winter’s touch, quiet rain and gentle breeze, little stirs within the whispered garden.

May you find beauty in your surrounding today…