leaf fall

A single leaf falls,

then suddenly another,

stolen by the breeze.


(1654 – 1707)

First cool, almost frosty morning; dawn arrives in shades of red and gold, painting the western sky in pinks and lilac. Lighting up both sea and mountain, small fishing boats cast their nets, punctuating the still, calm sea…

Morning sun on sea and land

Fungi and fallen leaf decorate the soft green grass, each blade adorned in tiny jewels, fragmenting light. Late blooms shine in the pale morning sun…

Colours fade; a new palette of fawn, brown and grey. Seeds on fairy parachutes drift across the sky, others fall beneath their parent plant, to wait in darkness for springs new sun…

Autumn colours, alchemy within the leaf, turns green to red, gold and brown. As sap retreats, each leaf shivers on the bough until the breeze steals each one, liberated to the wind, to lie in drifts or ride each gust. Autumn fills the land with birdsong; hunger making new neighbours…

Black currant leaf

Slung over a screen,

a dress of silk and gauze.

The autumn wind.


(Haiku taken from The Sound Of Water Basho, Buson, Issa and Other Poets translated by Sam Hamill)