‘Nothing in the garden is really difficult. Everything can be managed by an ordinary imbecile; indeed that is why it is the greatest of all amusements.’

Henry Mitchell On Gardening (1998)

A tangle of blooms!

I’ve been a little distracted lately what with one thing or another. My garden is neglected; that little patch I first took care of when arriving here a few summers ago. Where I initially made my garden discoveries, took the first photos and started to blog. It’s not through lack of motivation but the dust and noise have been less than conducive. Yet at last I can see the result – and the end is surely nigh!

Painted, paths and patio!

Since June the garden has seen the onslaught of building equipment, several skips, piles of stones, gravel. Everything covered in dust as the old porch was demolished and a new one built. (Well, the young planner did say, on observing the old , “Anything will be better than that…

Porch and Paths

So where I slipped and slid last winter, I now have paths and steps. The lawn will never (yes, you heard right Mr Architect,) be a bowling green, however it will be slightly smoother than before. I can maybe reach that hedge now too!

Tidy entrance - almost!

Just waiting on more gravel and the outside lights and then the pots of Lavender and Rosemary can be returned to the South facing wall. The little border needs a bit of attention  – no Californian poppy this year…

Even the shed gets a new coat!

Making the most of the last two days of sun and realising just how badly the shed and mini-greenhouse needed repainting. They are now looking good in a new coat of paint. Hopefully that will take them through the winter and withstand the excoriating wind and rain…

The neglected garden!

Now the hedges are a bit more accessible but we do need shelter hedges, when the Sou’westerly blows – it BLOWS. The neglected garden can be attended and there are two new beds to be planted up. Recent acquisitions have been waiting to go in; two white peonies (Paeonia lactiflora), a pink and white Alsrtoemeria (Peruvian lily). There are roses and lavender with various other plants waiting to find a home…

 But I realise its not just the garden that has been neglected, but the blog too. As I look back at the past summers, the joy of sunsets and new blooms, storms and rainbows filled the pages. Early morning posts and evening poetry…

 Hopefully now the work is almost complete, I can revel in the solitude of the garden and reawaken the awe and wonder of a sunset, a new bloom; the garden visitors, the seasons turn.

Just resting...

Thank you to all who have continued to follow in spite of my erratic posts. Thank you to all new followers too. Now I can get back to my desk and can read your posts more easily too. If I’ve inadvertently “un-followed” anyone while trying to read on the tablet – forgive me – I will realise I haven’t seen you for a while and find you again!

And look the rain is stopping – time to garden! Have a great day!