For man, autumn is a time of harvest and gathering together. 

For Nature, it is a time of sowing and scattering abroad’

Edwin Way Teale

September; autumn steals into the garden. Petals fall and seed heads take their place. Fruit swells on branch and twig. Gradually the pinks and blue of summer change to warm reds and gold. Robin and chaffinch change their tune, fledging swallows flee the nest, practise flying in the relative safety of the shed. While from on high the first brood swoop and dive, cartwheeling across the sky.

A noticeable difference in the air, cooler mornings, shorter days. Sunsets in umber and golden greys. The remaining chickens climb the hill to bed a little earlier each evening. Blackbird bids goodnight in the thinning hawthorn hedge, taking shelter from the rising wind. Summer slips away, a new wind blows across the garden, come from cooler climes. The garden shivers, but is not defeated yet.