Jardi Botanic de Soller

Summer in Scotland has been so sporadic this year we decided we needed some sun. It has been a Fiesta weekend culminating in a spectacular firework display (that will need to wait until we get home again). Spent the morning in Jardi Botanica de Soller, to see it at its best you would need to visit much earlier in the season.

Perfect in puple

Unaclimatised to the heat, sitting by the lily ponds in the shade was a welcome relief. The climbers were beautiful shades ( no, I couldn’t see a label! )

Shaded avenue botanic garden Soller

The garden showcased plants from the Baleriacs and the endangered species. The Medicinal garden shared many plants from my own garden but the stature and texture varied immensely.

Lily pool

The next post will be from Scotland – this is very slow 😂

Sunny greetings from Majorca!