Glasgow City Crest

Here is the bird that never flew

Here is the tree that never grew

Here is the bell that never rang

Here is the fish that never swam.

(Glasgow City Crest)

Being such a lovely day yesterday, I took my ‘Day Tripper’ ticket and headed for the city. I quite enjoy sitting on a train watching the changing landscape, making mental notes to take a picture of different things on the way home. (Actually, I was so tired and on the wrong side going back). Walking through George Square, noting the Piping Festival was on and the city would be filled with the skirl of Fifes and Drums. Heading up to Cathedral street and stumbled on some great street art (reminding Riot Flower. of her Philly childhood).

Street Art City CentreEnjoying at all the new build at Strathclyde University and remembering when it was much smaller and Rottenrow Maternity Hospital was tucked in the middle of the campus.

Medical Block Glasgow Royal Infirmary

My old training hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, (where my sister and I confused people as she was a resident doctor when I started training; weirdly on the same floor for a few weeks!) Used to have the busiest Casualty Department in Europe…

Oldest house and St Nicholas Garden

For several years passing the derelict, oldest house in Glasgow, Provand’s Lordship, now a museum with St Nicholas Herb garden behind. Right where the School of Nursing and Biochemistry lab were situated.

Tontine Heads Cloister

The cloisters house the Tontine heads reclaimed from  a building in the city.

Tontine Head

Attracting bus loads of tourists but not many visit the garden which has become a bit neglected but hopefully will have some TLC lavished on it again, soon. (If you would like to volunteer please contact Glasgow life volunteering!)

Piping festival

Back to the now hoachin’ George Square to the skirl of the pipes and beating of the drums. Edinburgh may have the Tattoo and Fringe but we’ve got the Piping Festival (apparently the pipers went in to battle first to scare the enemy!) Great outdoor instrument but not in a confined space. Lots of impromptu performances but felt a tad sorry for the buskers… Little clip from Buchanan Street (Style Mile) on Instagram

Wonderful place to live or visit, lots to do and see, great architecture, museums, eateries, cafes, music, shopping, galleries. And of course you can get back out down the coast easily; nice to walk off the train onto the wee orange bus arriving home to a peaceful homestead after all the noise and busy-ness of trucks and workmen. Very quiet better go see what’s happening (and harvest herbs myself!)

Have a good day