The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men

          Gang aft agley,

An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,

          For promis’d joy!

To a Mouse
Robert Burns
Settling down to do some reading for a new project when suddenly – frantic clucking and a glimpse a of a large bushy tail. A fox suddenly appeared chasing the chicken ladies. Rushing outside I found Flossie across the road and Esme heading for the burn. Decided to grab Flossie first, stopping traffic to rescue her (thank you black car!). Hubby arrives and takes chook back to garden while I grab Esme. Thankfully chickens cower when approached so you can grab them quick. Went off to find the other two but have not found them yet. Calling to the rescued pair but no sign of them, walk around the garden calling. Hubby tells me Flossie hid in the big circle…
There you are!
Sure enough there they were, standing stock still and stayed there for an interminable amount of time before venturing forth for some bread. They weren’t too sure about going into the coop either and when they did, didn’t have the heart to eject them from the nest boxes. Today they are keeping quiet in the hen run and Minnie and Vera did not come home 😦
That pesky wabbit!
This little fellow has decided he lives here, the girls usually tell me when he is around by letting out a squawk. Rabbits seem to love roses which perhaps explains why the rose at the top of the garden has never grown!
We can still see you!
 He wasn’t very happy when he spied us from the kitchen window and then disappeared soon after…
 Do I blend in?
Just about the same time we realised Oscar was not on the porch where we left him. Conversation went something like this:
Me: Where’s Os?
Hubby: On the porch
Me: I don’t see him…
Hubby: Well he can’t get out…
Frantic search around house begins; check the shed even though “he can’t get out“. NOT in shed, call all around the garden, no sign, deep panic settling in. (If he sees the bunny he will just chase the bunny – send hubby to check road).
Call into the hedge, no sign, walk away and look under the car, no kitty. Despairingly return to house just as Oscar returns nonchalantly to the porch where I notice the neat hole cut for the letter-box is wearing cat fur!
Not even eight o’clock and my nerves are shot – think I need to lie down in a darkened room – well it’s too early to drink – isn’t it?!
Have a great day – hope your is less eventful than the past twelve hours here!