June 1922 – July 2015 

Sleep now.

The battle is not lost but won.

A life well lived, full of years

“Well done”


Our dear Mum, slipped away yesterday, surrounded by family, the glue that held us together and now we are orphans. Coming to terms with our loss but for mum, rest… Quietly watching as my sister kept vigil, whispering in her ear, “it’s all right, we are all here, everyone is fine.”  As our large family came to sit with mum, grandchildren, great grandchildren and children. So grateful to be able to say “goodbye”.

So thankful to a wonderful, caring staff at Creggan Bahn and the care they lavished on mum and all of us “Thank you”


Maybe Dad’s there still singing –

I’ll see you again whenever spring breaks through again
Time may lie heavy between but what has been is past forgetting
This sweet memory across the years will come to me
Though my world may go awry, In my heart ‘t will ever lie
Just the echo of a sigh; goodbye

Noel Coward

Bye Mum