Cooling off

A surprisingly hot day, a bit of a gift really – good time for cutting the grass, hanging out the washing and cleaning the chicken coop…

Good housekeeping

While reading posts on chicken keeping, kept coming upon articles on red spider mite -what do they look like?- I wondered. So imagine the horror while cleaning the coop last week, to find little groups of mite hiding in the nest box. Yeuch! And “My poor chicken ladies!” So we have been in Good Housekeeping mode, scrubbing, cleaning, dusting, baking in the sun. Anything that will get rid off the little pests.

The girls have been under par recently, moulting and laying soft eggs and nothing seems to help. ACV in the water, vitamins in the water, adding baked egg shells to the feed, adding oyster shell to the feed. They very carefully pick it out. Try adding their scratch corn to feed, they really like that but as yet to no avail. Two lay beautiful eggs and two don’t.

Making the most of the sunshine, the coop was thoroughly cleansed and dusted once more. Bundles of Southernwood, Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender have been strewn around the coop. Nooks and crannies sprayed with a mix of essential oils known to deter lice and mites. Appears to have been reasonably successful, as there are far fewer mites. Thank you Herbs 😀

Dust bathing

Well, it may not be great for the garden but the girls love their dust baths. Usually under the old hedge but sometimes lying in the warm, fragrant air of the rose bushes. Roses are cooling fragrant and restoring – good for self acceptance, love and trust. Every now and then a chicken will come and courie down beside a human, closing their eyes and leaning in, perfectly relaxed.  Ah, chicken love – it’s not always one sided!

Rosa gallica

Wishing you an itch free day today – thanks for dropping by again