And please can we have some more?

I’m so sorry, I have no idea where this past week has gone, all I know is here we are a week later catching up in the garden! A mixture of fine days and appointments and suddenly – the days have passed!

2014 planting growing well

Following a lo-o-ng cold spring the garden has erupted into flower, with pinks, roses, sweet peas and Shasta daisies. Sage (Salvia officinalis), catnip (Nepeta cataria), in full flower, bees, heavy with pollen, visit the fragrant blooms. Hard to believe this bed was planted up in May 2014 but will need to do something with the rampant wild strawberries! But it is nice to harvest them and the chooks are yet to discover their deliciousness.

Finally flowering

Having cut this bed out last winter, piling on leaf mould and hoeing off the fresh weeds, it was eventually planted up late spring and nothing happened. Everything stood still until the recent warmth and rain showers. Our first summer here (2012) herbs were planted wherever there was a space but now some have outgrown their home and have been moved to new areas more suited to their needs. Lady’s mantle will be enough to harvest next year as this years baby plants mature…

New circle, new planting

Bargain violas edge the bed as the lavender hedging (Lavandula compacta) begins to settle in and flower. The sea hollies (more bargain plants) are budding too, in panic at the lack of growth,  I planted Borage (Borago officinalis), to add height Cardoons  (Cynara cardunculus)  – grown from old seed – are putting on leaf. Apparently they can be cooked like a vegetable. While in Sweden I loved the way herbs were planted in swathes so I’ve tried to mimic that with silver leafed plants.

Spencer sweet peas

Sweet peas, another “bargain” buy, they too stood in the ground looking unhappy but at last have flourished and come to flower. Not as fragrant as Cupani, but wonderful shades and marking. Each bed has a cane wigwam, most with sweet peas but last years circle has nasturtiums instead.

Last years potato patch

I’ve allowed myself more flowers for cutting this year adding Zinnia (I grew lots in Africa but they are not very happy here) and Cosmos. More Borage in here too – I may live to regret that 😀

Wild roses flower in the hedgerow gently perfuming the evening air. Heavy with blossom, the Apothecary’s roses droop to the ground, the still air filled with their fragrance. A little rabbit has moved into the garden not a problem yet unless he invites his friends too.

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