July, opened into bright sunshine and heat, remarkable considering how reluctant summer has been to show itself. After some warm rain and sun the garden seems to be catching up. Poppies popping all over the garden!

Walking early in the quiet garden, I meet the little rabbit that seems to have taken up residence run off into the safety of the hedge. Oscar, catching his scent, sniffs around the grass as many different songs cascade from the overhead boughs. Swallows tease from the safety of the roof ridge. The bird feeder is still almost full, the birds appear to retreat to the woods only to return later in the year. Father sparrow sits on the gutter with a beak full of flies, another brood must have hatched. A tapping sound from the top of the garden alerts us to the presence of the song thrush smashing snail shells on a stone anvil. Just life in the garden in July!

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