Sunny Saturday in the Meadow

Summer makes a brief appearance, sunshine over the flowery lea. From sunrise to dusk, parent swallows swoop and dive, sweeping up midges by the beak-full. In the high nest, swallow babies screech a welcome awaiting their fill and then silence until the flutter of wings creates once more their noisy response.

 Covered in CloverWarm humid air perfumed with the sweet, honeyed scent of white clover, languid drone of bees tumbles lazily over the bright garden.

Breakfast patio

Coffee and pastries taken in the bright sunshine, scanning the morning paper, relishing the surprising warmth. Sounds of the burn trickling by; a variety of birdsong, disembodied voices of passing cyclists, the scolding swallows as they plunge through the open shed door.

Wild flower meadow

A simple wild-flower meadow, bringing joy but alas one is unable to traverse the garden without returning with sodden shoes. So before we need a scythe rather than the mower and the rain returns, hubby cuts the grass.

Midsummer sunset

Midsummer has passed and this is a far as the sun will travel, but still the sunsets enthral and amaze us.

DuskThe light fades slowly over the quiet sea, waves break quietly on the far shore. Sometimes we rush around, filling the hours with busy-ness but the past three Saturdays have been bright and sunny. Although so much demands attention, I choose to rest in the sunshine, finishing my book, feeling grateful…

But now its Monday and many tasks clamour for attention, so shaking off my reverie I will rise and face the day!

Thanks for stopping by have a great week!

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