Four a.m. as I wander down stairs, Oscar greets me from the window sill where he has been watching the birds stirring in the light of the new day. Hubby has an early flight, when he leaves the house returns to sleep mode. Waking to the sound of rain on the roof and a sullen grey sea and sky, doesn’t look like summer is arriving any time soon.

Breakfast over and the rain stops, chickens fed, eggs gathered, time to garden. The grass needs cut but I don’t have the heart to mow the wild flowers blossoming in the grass. Daisies follow the sun turning their faces upward towards its warmth. White clover fragrances the air drawing in the bees, Orange Hawkweed stands to attention, lifting their oranges faces to the sun. Purple chives resound to the drone of bumble bees and hoverflies; butterflies flit lazily over the garden while swallow parents snatch midges from the air to feed the hungry brood. Sparrows are rebuilding their nest getting ready for a second brood. Tonight will be the shortest night but sunset was somewhat subdued as a soft rain fell again. Subdued sunset before the shortest night


Night has fallen, wrapping the garden in darkness but in a few short hours the new dawn will herald the Summer Solstice and hopefully summer.

Thanks for stopping by today – enjoy the Solstice