Purpled sunsetTime is a strange commodity, it can hang heavily or slip away like sand in the hand. Suddenly it’s Wednesday again and almost a week since I posted though I took photos, wrote posts in my head but never took the time to sit and write. To be fair we have had a week of lovely weather, the old porch demolished and foundations in, a new patio laid and the beginning of steps into the garden. Court yard has been scraped and the rubbish from the first build removed and it’s been gardening weather. Plants potted on, planted out, sown, weeding – all at once – everything has sprung to life or as my mum would say “gone chung”…

Wild strawberries - gone wild!

The wild strawberries have gone a bit mad but inspired by the Rialto market in Venice, I want to be able to pick a punnet of sweet, ripe wild strawberries…

Wild Strawberries

Like these…

Wren nestlings

A few short weeks ago and it was just a little nest full of eggs, then nestlings and suddenly empty – where do they go?

Room for one tiny wren

Walking with Oscar in the evening and suddenly a little brown bird flits out from a tiny hole, by the door jam, in the old shed. Its gape gives it away, a young wren has found a home here.

Rescued from the builders

The garden is filled with flowers, already the peonies and Aquilegia are almost over, Lady’s mantle has finally blossomed. After a nights rain the veg garden is also beginning to thrive, peas and beans popped out overnight but too much still in the greenhouse.

Veg gardenRecently a celebrity gardener suggested that if you wanted German Chamomile then use a dry tea bag, well I have tried twice now and had no success but my own is doing fine. (Hence the gaps.)

Somehow weekends go more quickly than any other days, shopping, buying more gardening essentials but as everyone was feeling poorly; Saturday afternoon was spent in the company of the chickens. Sitting in my new Muskoka chair from Francis Bay. Taking time to read a new book from my sister “Medicine Walk” by Richard Wagamese, beautifully written story of  an estranged father and son but only half way through. Celebrating Mum’s 93rd birthday with extended family, part of a singing group in the evening…

Then it’s Monday again and back to catching up, keeping on and falling behind – funny how that ten minute task always takes much longer. So here we are; Wednesday almost over, didn’t achieve half of what I wanted to do – that’s the thing about time;  ” time slips away just like hourglass sand

Carpe diem!

(but for now it’s bedtime – goodnight! 😀 )