A good garden may have some weeds

Monday's Flowers

Wandering in the garden my gaze often falls upon the delicate flowers blossoming wildly at the boundaries. Their delicate fragrance pervading the still evening air. Honesty (Lunaria annua) grows easily here, its sweet scent surprising on a warm, calm day.

Wild Bunch

Although I’m fighting a losing battle with bluebells in the herb garden, they can grow where they want in the wild parts, alongside ferns, red campion, forget-me-not and dog’s mercury et al. In my childhood home there were always jam jars filled with posies; strange how rarely I think to cut them and bring them indoors now…

waiting for the sun!

Today’s job was pricking out and potting on, planting out what can be and covering up what is suffering. May is usually a glorious month (it’s exam time) but not this year, gardening in T-shirt one day and back to layers the next. This year I have allowed myself some flowers for cutting, Zinnia, Cosmos and Gladioli. Sowed a tray of Sunflowers too, not just for the birds but to attract the bees, hoverflies and butterflies also.

Hoping for the best!The past few days of rain have settled the new plantings but there are many others waiting to fill the gaps once it gets warmer. Last May the garden was much further ahead but then we have long days so hopefully it will soon catch up.

“Gardening, above all crafts, is a matter of faith, grounded, however
(if on nothing better), on his experience that somehow or other
seasons go on in their right course, and bring their right results”

Canon Henry Ellacombe

In A Gloucestershire Garden (1897)

Thanks for stopping by, happy gardening!