Ornamental Cherry


Some happy tone of meditation,

slipping in between

the beauty coming and the beauty gone

William Wordsworth

More Sweet It Is


Apple Blossom "Johnny Johnston"

It’s blossom time, anticipating the blossom from the fecund buds, revelling in each pale petal… Cue wind and rain and scattered blossoms on the green sward. In my childhood imaginings these were faerie weddings to which mere mortals were not invited!

A garden full of fragrance and flowers

Warm sun, gentle rain and suddenly the garden is filled with fresh flowers and fragrance as herbs and flowers jostle for attention.

Each leaf unfurls

Each leaf unfurls in joyous celebration of new life, each bough resounding with birdsong. All creation cries out a cannon of praise!

I love this season as each day brings some new thing to surprise and gladden the heart.


Be thirsty heart,

seek forever without rest.

let this soundless longing

hidden deep inside you

be the source

of every word you say


Whispers of the Beloved

Thanks for stopping by today. May the child within be stirred to wonder at the world around. And be kind to one another, we all need a little kindness! Blessings on your day…