does their absence imply perpetual Spring?

Blue skies

Scan the empty sky –

seeking out familiar cries;

darting form.

But silence is the loud reply.


For the past three summers the skies have resounded to the cries of swallows, but this year the sky remains empty. One lone swallow flew over but finding no others has not returned. Normally there would be a gathering at the nearby farm but so far none have appeared. The recent storms and continuing cold have halted their home-coming.

Although the season seemed to suddenly take off the unpredictable weather is holding everything back. Now, those of you who were still blanketed in snow have over-taken gardens here. It seems it will be forever spring; trays of seedlings awaiting transplanting, trying to harden-off but then the frost returns again. Even the grass is sluggish!

Slowly the Beech unfurls, about two weeks later than normal, hedges clothed in spring green; in the quiet earth small plantlets venture forth… Creation whispers – “patience” – where better to learn patience than in the garden?

Thanks for stopping , whatever you do today – enjoy the moment – this too will pass!