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To the attentive eye, each moment of the year has its own beauty, and in the same field, it beholds, every hour, a picture which was never seen before, and which shall never be seen again.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nature

Almost the end of May, just as the first delicate May blossoms unfurl. The garden has suddenly sprung to life, the mossy lawn now dotted with daisies and clover, trees still clad in new greens. Yet the plants nurtured in the greenhouse have stood still since planted out and cold dry weather persists. A welcome rain fell, soaked up by the dry ground.

The garden is filled with birds, Goldfinches eating the dandelion seeds, sparrows, song thrush, blackbird, robin, chaffinch and greenfinch and a splendid crow!

Hopefully with the opening of the the Hawthorn the weather will warm up fulling the old adage;

 Ne’r cast a clout till the may is oot

Happy gardening and thanks for stopping by today!



A tapestry of Blackwork Birch…


Quilted blues, silver silks…


Chain-stitched twists of purpled pinks;

A comforter in which to sink, to sleep and so to dream.

Seeds in the Sunset

Every heart has so much history
It’s my favourite place to start
Sit down a while and share your narrative with me
I’m not afraid of who you are

I’m all here, and you’re all there
Some of this is unique, and some of it we share
Add it up and start from there
Well, it’s all right here

Sara Groves & Nat Sabin © 2002


Every now and again I pick up a favourite book that has lain unopened and something beautiful falls from its pages. Leaves from an autumn walk, a pressed flower, a letter or postcard from a friend, a shared moment, our history. First sunsetSearching through my photo library and I’m reminded of the first sunsets, the beauty of the sky, mountains, the sea. The first frosty night in the caravan while the cottage was ripped apart and I determined I would spend at least half the week in the city where we had broadband, flushing loos and a washing machine! (thank you Son!)

A spot of remodeling

Two years on and it’s time to have the heating system and stove checked – its nice when people return and see the finished project; share the view for a little while. Still a bit to do but it will get done – eventually! Slowly both garden and cottage have become home, we love to welcome visitors but somehow in our frenetic world, everyone is busy or it seems impossible to agree on a date…

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

Bill Watterson (source – Good Reads)

Welcome!So, welcome to our virtual world, pull up a chair while I share part of my small world with you and thank you for inviting me to share yours through your blogs!

Thank you to all the recent new followers – sorry if I haven’t visited and welcomed you personally!

(I should really be out gardening while its dry! 😀 )

If you would like to hear the song here it is here:

not rushing away…

New Moon

Waiting in the garden for the evening star to shine, as it falls into line with the jaunty chimney and the crisp new moon.

Light upon the water

Watching the moonlight flood over the water, sending shafts of silver over the sleeping flowers…

Purple Honesty (Lunaria annua)

Enjoying the sunlight playing over the flowers…

Special moments caught on camera, shared with others but sometimes I need to just cherish the moment. Filling the kettle this morning, there on the bushes were, not one but three Bullfinches, resplendent in their orange-red garb. Two females and a male, in the background a goldfinch, to the fore; a tired looking sparrow.

Did I savour the moment? No, I rushed to get the camera knowing full well that by the time I had returned the moment was lost. A brief moment in time, not even inscribed on my memory. We have become an Instagram nation (yes, you can find the Hopeful Herbalist there too) capturing and sharing. Last year in Venice, where it was not permitted to take photography, phones and tablets were being used to capture – well almost everything! I know, I should just look and soak up the moment…

Having been dutiful and obeyed all the orders not to take photos; eventually I was permitted to but took only one. Feeling like a naughty child, I had not the presence of mind to photograph the artist information but I loved little girl’s face.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn Venice it is easy to become all “arted-out” as every major building is awash with Grand Masters! Maybe we need to give ourselves permission to “stand and stare”; to cherish each moment and let memories sink down deep.

Thanks for stopping by – enjoy creating memories today!

A good garden may have some weeds

Monday's Flowers

Wandering in the garden my gaze often falls upon the delicate flowers blossoming wildly at the boundaries. Their delicate fragrance pervading the still evening air. Honesty (Lunaria annua) grows easily here, its sweet scent surprising on a warm, calm day.

Wild Bunch

Although I’m fighting a losing battle with bluebells in the herb garden, they can grow where they want in the wild parts, alongside ferns, red campion, forget-me-not and dog’s mercury et al. In my childhood home there were always jam jars filled with posies; strange how rarely I think to cut them and bring them indoors now…

waiting for the sun!

Today’s job was pricking out and potting on, planting out what can be and covering up what is suffering. May is usually a glorious month (it’s exam time) but not this year, gardening in T-shirt one day and back to layers the next. This year I have allowed myself some flowers for cutting, Zinnia, Cosmos and Gladioli. Sowed a tray of Sunflowers too, not just for the birds but to attract the bees, hoverflies and butterflies also.

Hoping for the best!The past few days of rain have settled the new plantings but there are many others waiting to fill the gaps once it gets warmer. Last May the garden was much further ahead but then we have long days so hopefully it will soon catch up.

“Gardening, above all crafts, is a matter of faith, grounded, however
(if on nothing better), on his experience that somehow or other
seasons go on in their right course, and bring their right results”

Canon Henry Ellacombe

In A Gloucestershire Garden (1897)

Thanks for stopping by, happy gardening!





Twilight; as day ebbs into night;

Where sound is more pronounced,

Inviting the listener to really hear.

Linger in the darkening day, 

Intentionally perceive each tiny, unseen movement,

Greet night’s unassuming guests, 

Half visible to our human eye, as

They wend their way ‘tween dusk and dawn.

There  is something wonderful, standing in the night garden, as the birds return to roost and the final birdsong drains away with the fading light. Bats flit over the trees, stand still long enough and they will dive and swoop over your upturned head. Tiny rustles indicate the voles are scrabbling in the leaf litter and the hedgehog rising from his leafy bed. Twilight is a special time to let the cares of the day slip away, unwind and let sleep wrap a warm mantle over you…

Thanks for stopping by whether it be morn or dusk, let nature soothe your path

Ornamental Cherry


Some happy tone of meditation,

slipping in between

the beauty coming and the beauty gone

William Wordsworth

More Sweet It Is


Apple Blossom "Johnny Johnston"

It’s blossom time, anticipating the blossom from the fecund buds, revelling in each pale petal… Cue wind and rain and scattered blossoms on the green sward. In my childhood imaginings these were faerie weddings to which mere mortals were not invited!

A garden full of fragrance and flowers

Warm sun, gentle rain and suddenly the garden is filled with fresh flowers and fragrance as herbs and flowers jostle for attention.

Each leaf unfurls

Each leaf unfurls in joyous celebration of new life, each bough resounding with birdsong. All creation cries out a cannon of praise!

I love this season as each day brings some new thing to surprise and gladden the heart.


Be thirsty heart,

seek forever without rest.

let this soundless longing

hidden deep inside you

be the source

of every word you say


Whispers of the Beloved

Thanks for stopping by today. May the child within be stirred to wonder at the world around. And be kind to one another, we all need a little kindness! Blessings on your day…