or you can still teach an old dog new tricks!Honey I shrunk my pics!

Necessity is the mother of invention or at least spending time searching for a remedy might actually help! So what ails me? When I started blogging two years ago, I created my pages with the Hope that I would master all its secrets… From March to June it lay unused. Then Small daughter bullied helped me with the first tentative posts…

When a friend first introduced me to WordPress; he had this wonderful tool which automatically “crunched” your pictures, just play around with it he insisted, its just electrons….  But I’m not good at stepping into the unseen. After “trashing” my blog last year; it would have been an opportunity to find out why my site was running out of space.Try as I might I could not find an answer – I was obviously asking the wrong questions. I was looking for the wonderful plugin to shrink my pictures… When that little red sign popped up again, in desperation, in the cool light of dawn, I searched once more and finally it “dawned” on me – you can’t get plugins for WordPress.com! I had read answers like “well I have no problem – I have thousands of pics and loads of space”. Were they self hosting, business? Or did they just omit to say – “Hey! Don’t forget to shrink your pics“? That discovery only took me two years…

I could have remedied the situation months ago if I had realised that the answer was here all the time on my computer – right there in Microsoft 2010 – a tool to shrink you pictures for a blog spot.

And that little blue text that opens up links? Another mystery; but behold – small daughter showed me today. Of course I have promptly forgotten how. Tutorials are great but finding the right one and the time can be problematic.

So thank you everyone who has followed me recently, (my Welcome post is still in my head), and sorry if the slow loading is putting everyone off….But next week – once I get tomorrows project over – I’ll get right too it!

I’m no super mum!

 Learn from the mistakes of others – you don’t have time to make them all yourself!

Have a great day – thanks for stopping by!

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Yea, I know I could probably done that in a blue word too 😀