and a good deed done!

Solar eclipse?Always view a solar eclipse safely, looking at the sun directly can damage your eyes! Scottish weather always takes care of us!

Creeping downstairs at five I’m amazed how light it is and how mist curtains the garden. The airwaves are alive with this historical event, a soft rain falls gently on the land. Where sunlight could cascade between the pines, the grey air is cradled among the boughs. A peculiar darkness falls as the “eclipse” happens unseen. Weather won again, no astronomical happenings here!

And a good deed done?

Roaring fire

Yesterday the starling clattered across the tiles, poking his curious head into every nook and cranny. Strutting along the gutter with a “swagger that would dry washing”, last seen sitting on the chimney pot… Several hours later a fluttering is heard from the flue, a gentle tap brings silence. Assuming it must be noise from the chimney top I promptly forget about it. Early morning coffee in hand and a gentle fluttering is heard once more, it’s a bird, a reasonably big bird, sitting in the flue above the stove. It has to be the starling!


I can feel him so near yet so far out of reach. Looking for ways to release him, I open the stove to inspect the interior, no sign of him. Could we lift off the flue plate?Β Later when hubby returns from town we set about a rescue. As the nuts are unscrewed we realise that a very black bird is sitting atop the fire brick peeking out from the fire-box. Quick change of tactic, two hold a blanket over the stove, while he is coaxed out. Grabbing his beak didn’t really help and he flutteres out of reach only to reappear to reappraise the situation, calculating his chances… Oscar too is weighing up his chances; how does a house cat know about hunting? Finally flying out under the blanket to the window, quickly thrown open by small daughter, starling flies out never looking back. One dirty, hungry bird – one soot smudged window, one cat a little bemused and three relieved humans! And no burnt offerings…

All chances of viewing the eclipse finally over; the clouds lift and look – the sun may almost be shining!

Whatever comes your way today – enjoy – Spring is officially here in the Northern hemisphere!

(My space is almost full, so I really will have too start that new site soon – all advice greatly appreciated! πŸ™‚ )