If you carry joy in your heart you can heal any moment

Carlos Santana

perfect ending

Yesterday was close to a perfect day, sunlight spilled over a mirror-calm sea. Little fishing boats checking their creels, birds song filled the garden and it was – WARM. Not an indoors day at all…

Sun-filled garden

Looking around at the garden and realising there are so many tasks still to do. If a gardener ever asks when something should be done the answer is invariably; “two weeks ago“! So alternating between the heavy jobs and the easy jobs a whole day spent in the garden…

perfect gardening weather

Cutting out the new beds, the gardening girls showing up every now and again to check out the progress and scratch around in the soil. Helping with the weeding, joining me for lunch on the bench which has been vacated for too long. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, listening to the birdsong and the little brook chattering by…

warm enough...

Sleeping insects stir from their winter hiding places, the first sounds of bees in the garden; pheasant calling from the woods. As dusk falls an owl passes over head with a low “hoo-hoo”. Venus shines brightly in the evening sky as sunset paints the land and sea in muted colour… Seems as if Spring has arrived to heal the land and Nature unwraps her precious gifts..

Creation sings a melody, have a joyful day & thanks for stopping by!


A wee song from David Crowder Band