Storm forecast

Just when it appears that spring will sally forth; winter gathers up her cloak and throws it upon the land. With the birth of a new moon, high winds and spring tides were forecast once again. Sure enough as bedtime came around the wind jumped up, clattering the slates, roaring through the trees. The rain poured down, battering the windows with a mixture of sleet and hail. A sudden pang of guilt swept over me as I thought of the plants I had uncovered earlier in the day. Thinking it was time for the “Big Spring Clean-Up“; enthusiastically raking out moss, lifting the leaves and cutting back. Overnight the temperatures fell, a dark dawn, glowering sky and boiling sea, Arran lost in clouds and spray. Sleet, hail, rain, sun and bitter, biting wind… For three days!

Dawn coloursIn the silent pre-dawn hour, the cloudless sky, sprinkled with twinkling stars, fading as sunlight edges over the eastern hills. Robin’s song pierces the dawn, as suddenly each birds finds its voice, singing out a morning anthem!

Morning colours

Gently the small breeze stirs the trees, the sky resplendent in violet and pink. As the clouds lift, Arran stands dressed in new snow fall; each gulley and fissure in stark contrast to the dazzling white.

Pink dawns the snow

Light and shade on the mountain, calm and quiet sea, the fishermen returning to their creels. The garden inhabitants celebrate the morning, shaking out their feathers,ย raising their collective voice in exultant song…

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