Do List...January is never a good time to make resolutions! Long dark nights, dull days, warm comforting foods, log fires and Christmas chocolates… “Do one thing well” I quipped; if only I would listen to my own advice! Β For example:

  • The night sky was rich in starlight but I haven’t read the camera manual so have no idea how to use the “starlight” function.
  • I bought that on-line course I want to do but the first module is about drawing up the garden (I loathe drawing up! – I have an architect for that…) So after an enthusiastic start I have come to an abrupt halt!
  • Power Point Presentations – I thought I could remember how but could I find my book? When I finally started it was easy!
  • It only takes one unusual event to knock my carefully time-scaled plans on their head…

January gardenJanuary was cold, first snows, first hard frosts but lengthening days stealing upon us. First forays in the garden, first Snowdrops, rich honey scent. Daffodils just showing through the hard ground, new birds, Nuthatch and Woodpecker. The girls laying away… Trying to do too much all at once.Clear skiesIs this failure? No, I think this is reality! Having worked for several hours in the garden and enjoyed seeing that it had made a difference. I will get back to my course. I have plenty of time to master new camera skills and there will always be other demands on my time and that’s okay too…

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”

James Joyce (source -Brainy Quote)

Go on make a mistake – it may lead to discovery! Have a great day