A garden is never as good as it will be next year

Thomas Cooper – Horticultural Magazine January 1993


Sometimes I need to remind myself how far we have come over the past three years; in 2012 the garden was a tangle of brambles, weeds and feral flowers. By summer 2013 flower discoveries were a weekly occurrence, old roses, red-hot-poker, lilies and hosta – inspiring this blog! Slowly plants have been propagated, new gardens dug, old plants removed – but not before cuttings have been taken. Pots of shrubs, waiting for a permanent home, have also multiplied. I’m sure there is a faster way to restock a garden but I imagine it comes at a price!

Bargain Booty

So we took a trip to the “Ninety Nine Pence” store. On a recent programme Bob Flowerdew (gardening guru) entreated all gardeners to buy new string as old string harbours all sorts of nasties – four balls for 99 pence seems a bargain and well, there were seeds too! The memory of the evening garden filled with the fragrance of sweet-peas (Cupani) still lingers. Seed compost warming as I write…


Growing up at the family home; on a warm summer’s evening, the heady perfume from the Philadelphus (mock orange) trees could be overwhelming. Needless to say one found its way into my basket along with a Sea Holly – which turned out to be three plants – bargain!


Ever since my sister sent me a copy of “Harrowsmith Country Life Reader”  I have wanted an Adirondack chair. So when I saw this Muskoka chair reduced at Francis bay – I succumbed! (So thank you, dear Canadian sister, somewhere for T to sit away from the cat!) Quietly pleased with myself but remind myself that “a bargain is only a bargain if its something you need.”  I needed them – honest!

May your garden bargains be needed and enjoyed – thanks for stopping by!