After days of cold grey skies, torrential rains and storm force wind; the sun shines – hooray! Only drawback – it shines between the snow fall. As soon as their pen is opened the chickens normally make a bee-line to the back door but not today! Huddling beside the coop, they refused to budge even with a tasty crust to entice them. Oscar too, sits bemused at the kitchen door watching his world turn white. It is bitterly cold with the wind chill, the broad beans, planted in November, have curled up and died (should have used a cloche!) The field beans are doing well, though the Rye grass is rather woe-begone as chickens and pheasants graze the tender greens. First buds fattening on the twigs, Winter Honeysuckle (Lonerica fragrantissima) is about to break bud. Nestled in the Beech leaves, the snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) begin to flower as the daffodils push up through the cold earth.

I long to be in the garden but the ground is so cold and wet.Today’s job is to tidy the study, order seeds and set aside time for research and study. Another flurry of snow, another streak of sun, sometimes it’s nice to sit a the window in the warm!