and finding time!

Do List...

In my head is an over-arching plan, I know what I would like to achieve, lots of information on how to achieve it but will I ever make enough time? We are all encouraged to be life-long learners but I don’t imagine our forebears came out school and stopped learning either. Seems to me every day brings a new lesson to be learned. Buying a new computer while “homeless” is not to be recommended, I’m still trying to understand it. Give me a new piece of equipment and I’ll keep it at arms length until I summon up the courage to learn how to use it. Maybe its the Scottish parents advice to the aspiring musician “put that thing away till you can play it!”

I'm wishing

I keep promising myself that I will start to draw again, embroider again, learn how to keep bees, make soap from the herbs, plant the right flowers in the garden. Grow herbs that are at-risk in the wild, read more, expand my knowledge. In reality, unless we are walking around with “eyes wide shut” we are learning and using the knowledge for ourselves and others.

I wasn’t ready for the chickens but they arrived and have thrived in the garden. They don’t ask for much, produce beautiful eggs, are entertaining and possess very individual personalities. (They do prefer a warm breakfast on a cold morning though!) From the study window I can see them scratching under the trees, every now and then looking up to see if I’m coming to the door with treats…

I’m not sure the dark days of January are the best time to make resolutions but maybe I’ll never make them if I don’t commit now! So I will endeavour to “do one thing well” this year and maybe manage a few more too. Maybe you will check back and see how I’m doing!

Enjoy your day and the discoveries you make on your way!

I’ve reloaded the pics for “Life’s Lessons Learned in the Garden