Years endOnly a few hours left and then the ragged remnant of 2014 will fade into memory. A year in the garden, digging, planting, harvesting, digging and clearing again. It seems we over-estimate what can be achieved in two years but under-estimate what can be accomplished in ten! I’m looking forward to another year of planting and growing, propagating and sowing.

Final frostAt last we have had frost; the Nasturtium that have flourished for many months have finally surrendered to the weather! All around the garden are signs of new life, new buds appearing on the shrubs and bulbs peeping through the earth.

Rosy RisingPast few days have been spent with family and friends, sharing meals, swapping presents, sharing news, eating too much and sharing the view.

Winter sunsetSomewhere from the recesses of memory I vaguely remember my grandmother opening the front door to welcome in the New Year and shooing the old out the back! The garden has grown old and tired too but new plants will come from the gathered seed, the sun will begin to make its way North, the days will gradually lengthen and from the Old the New will Spring! There is  much blessing in small things we need only stop long enough to recognise them. May 2015 be filled with wonder and surprise!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!