flickering small  in our darkness…

Like a candle flame...

Glasgow, “Dear Green Place“; the place we called home for most of our adult life, rocked by another random accident just before Christmas. As the names of those caught up in the carnage are released, our thoughts and prayers are with all those with broken, heavy hearts.

Glasgow’s people are friendly, when the worst happens they rally round. When the worst happens, they are the ones running to help not running away. The kindness of strangers ministering to other strangers. Our emergency services, our teaching hospitals, our work-place chaplains and ordinary people.

On hearing the news yesterday the first thing I did was email the kids, “Are you all right?” I quickly got a “yes” from one but not the other, my anxiety mounted as his phone rang out but finally answered. I can only imagine how hard it is for those still waiting for an answer.

The mountain of floral tributes and candles around Queen Street is astounding as the city unites to mourn. But in Glasgow strangers will support strangers. As the slogan says “People Make Glasgow

“Lord let Glasgow flourish through the preaching of thy word and praising thy name.”

Words inscribed on the bell in the nearby Glasgow Tron Church, where a book of condolence has been opened, where people can go to reflect and pray; a quiet place in the busy city street. Glasgow.