Finally stillness, calm blue sea, Holy Isle painted in rainbow colour and snow over Arran. What a week of weather we’ve had! It started quietly enough last Tuesday but by the time I left town to come home, it was blowing a gale with horizontal rain. The road home, deep in standing water as the rain cascaded off the hills. Sheep soaked with misery, facing the rain or sheltering in the gorse, in almost total darkness.

New vocabulary – “weather-bomb” or “explosive cyclogenesis“. Who knew? It just meant exceptional weather and “phenomonal” seas. Thunder prowled around the cottage in a low growl, lightning seared the heavens illuminating sheets of rain. Hunkering down in our cosy beds, hoping some slates would still be clinging to the roof in the morning and the chickens would be safe, we waited for dawn…

Morning opened with yet more more rain; continuing through till Friday morning. Suddenly a dawning, strong silence. The wind had finally worn itself out; not before chilling the cottage to a cool 13 degrees inside, first time we’ve had to light the fire in the morning for a long while!

Next days were spent retrieving plants, pots, fleece. Letting the chickens roam again now that the chance of them being blown away had abated. Songbirds rejoined the  garden, the grass flattened by driving wind and rain, windows covered in salt and debris. Ah, the rural idyll!

We have lived to tell the tale with only a few slates lost, today quiet and clear, time to let the girls out, surprisingly, still laying…

 Thanks for stopping by; have a great day whatever the weather!

Some different views of the storm: