…and in the morning

Peaceful morning...

Sitting quietly reading when a scratching, scrabbling sound comes from overhead; I ignore it thinking it is hubby moving around upstairs. Its an old house so sometimes the odd bits fall into the voids. Early next morning, Oscar stares alarmed at the noises coming from behind the kitchen cupboards – a loud, grating, gnawing sound. The mice have moved in again!

Note to self – find the “Rat Pasta“. After several days – find it – it’s mouldy having lain around the shed since we moved in two Novembers ago!  In the meantime a small army moves in, scuttering over the ceilings. Poor Oscar, he is determined to discover what this invasion is. We find him perched on the C.D. rack staring at the ceiling, sending c.d.s flying as he loses his balance. New tactic, he tries the curtain track, a painting; many squeals of “Oscar. No! ” as something else crashes to the ground…

Eventually poison bought, we open up space beneath the eaves and lay out the bait. The scrabbling and scratching go on for several days even though it has been renewed daily, until finally. Silence, TV with no added sound affects. Silence, in the ceiling spaces, a content cat, not climbing the walls. Silence, we can sleep in peace, except…

Bump, bump, bump… Snapping awake, holding my breath, I listen. Something sweeps across the floor, then across my face – that sail-of-a-tail! Stretching out my hand I’m met by a loud rasping “Purr“.  “Oscar are you hungry? Is it coffee time?” Yea, shipping forecast is on; wandering downstairs in the dark I step on a small soft body on the stairs. Mouse?

Favourite toys

No, it’s “Duckie”, I thought I left you in the lounge last night, I think to myself. As we climb back upstairs I find several toys deposited on the landing, from here Oscar can check all the room doors and see which human he can wake first, for play, food or just a little company.Who me?

Good morning Oscar, are you ready to play?

(Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are having a lovely holiday in the USA and not caught up in the shopping spree!)

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