November sunset

November can still produce some clear sunny days, in stunning golds and blues. You would think that by now I would be used to short days and long nights; but no. I want early suppers and early bedtimes, electric light is just not the same as daylight!

Sunday Morning…

Sunday Morning

Rising early,trying to make the most of the short days, a pale dawning of light behind the ancient pines just enough make the clouds rolling in from the west, turn pink in the watery light.


During the fine spells, the chickens investigate the garden, turning over the fallen leaves and turned soil. Having worked out where the bird feeders are, they are now inspected first thing for discarded grains, that’s if the grey squirrel and the pheasant haven’t visited first. At dusk the blackbirds squabble over the most cosy roost and last remaining berries. The wood pigeons make there home in the beeches while the rooks look forlornly for their home since fallen to the woodsman’s saw.

The cold air fragranced with wood smoke; the silver waning moon pours muted light over the damp, dark garden, owl’s dark shadow flits across the grass. Autumn fades and winter approaches.

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(Sorry for my absence, no real excuse, just an odd virus and family visiting from afar!)