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This Oscar!


Meet Oscar our newest family member! We travelled across the country last Saturday to meet him and brought him home with us. After three days of sleeping under the bed, he has decided he quite likes us after all. His last family moved into a very small flat and felt that he hadn’t settled and was unhappy and as we were unhappy without a cat it seemed a good match.

Oscar inspects his surroundings

Today he’s having a mad half hour charging up and down the stairs, chasing balls, hunting flies and generally just having fun. He has a tiny voice but a huge purr and loves to give and receive lots of hugs. Sitting contentedly at the window, taking in his new surroundings, he seems quite at home.

We still miss our lovely Bruce with his huge character and legendary hugs. Oscar has some big paws to fill but we are all just enjoying “getting to know you”


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