Because I can’t think of a better title!

A new month opening with blue sky and sunshine; by evening driving rain bouncing off the roof-lights; blustering winds testing the mettle of the ancient trees, bending boughs to breaking point. Pine trees swaying in the darkness, sending needles and cones sailing through the air. In the grey half-light of dawn, the wind quieted, trees stood stark and naked. Ground littered with leaves torn from the trees, piled in drifts against the grassy banks. Last remaining flowers bedraggled but defiant. Grey skies and rainbows, watery sun, ever changing sea. Small birds cluster in the garden seeking food and shelter, wren and robin find solace in the shadowed shed.

As a young child, my sister who celebrates a November birthday, was so disheartened  by “November” poems, whether it was Thomas Hood’s “November” or Sara Coleridge’s “The Months” I can’t recall. Do you have favourite November poems?

I’m looking forward to the frosts when the garden will be magically transformed, clear skies and full moon painting the garden with silver light. The crunch of frosted leaves beneath my feet. Rebellious flowers refusing to bow to winters touch, the flash of yellowhammers in the hedgerows. Rainbows over the sea and cloudscapes. Last leaves turned to reds and yellows while the garden rests in winter’s arms, cradled into the quiet earth till spring’s warmth stirs tender shoots to life…

Thanks for dropping by enjoy your day whether you are in the depths of winter or celebrating spring in the Southern Hemisphere!