Thank you

It’s a wet afternoon though I have been out earlier to mark out a new bed for cutting. Aided by the feathered girls we enlarged another bed yesterday. I would show you but it’s only a roughly dug patch of earth. The rain is rather welcome; finally damp enough to cut through the turf. Fungi are at last appearing although there are no Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) and Albert (the gnome) has stayed put in the shed. Little burn has sprung back to life, the leaves are abandoning the trees in droves, while the earth beneath is covered with beech masts. The chickens have unearthed a few puffballs, Ginkgo sheds her maidenhair, while a few flowers continue to colour the garden but I have to admit the garden is preparing to sleep.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed lots of new faces; thank you so much for stopping by.  Thank you too, to everyone who regularly pops in, leaving a comment or a like. I endeavour to visit your blogs too, there is so much of interest, sometimes I don’t know where to start! Oh! Sun’s out gotta run! 🙂

  THANK YOU! Haste ye back!

Have a good day (morning, evening) wherever you are in the world!