Fiery clouds

Almost sunset; a blackbird sounds the alarm in the hedge as the solitary bat flits busily up and down the short drive, the air is alive with midges again. Tractors and trailers pass piled high with potatoes. It feels like the year has hurried by punctuated by the various harvests, haylage, silage, haylage, silage and finally potatoes. In between, the constant movement of the sheep to fresh grazing. The garden has been neglected over the past weeks more by fault than by design; cited as a potential juror unable to plan my days for almost three weeks and this week seems to be about catching up with everything other than gardening!

 Time of Rainbows

Days are cool, short and wet with sunny spells but it’s rainbow time again, yelling up the stairs for hubby to “look out the window!” The garden is a sad reminder of its former self. Still to plan for autumn colour but the green manures are growing well in spite of the voles and chickens.The wood pigeons have moved in so in need of a scare crow – Bruce would have had fun chasing them…

Six o’ clock comes around and the chickens are ready for supper before bed. Same ritual every night: check the roost, only three birds, number four in the nest box. By the time we open the nest box number four has caused a commotion forcing her sisters to make room on the perch. Before I reach the gate I know she is back in the nest box! Some days there are four lovely eggs and another day just one. Left alone in the garden they will wander off to find their humans; working in the garden and there they are ย – up close and personal! A house visit is expected at least twice a day – Minnie eyes the stairs – she’s probably thinking “the human perches must be up there…”ย Hope I will get back into the garden soon as the tasks are mounting up…

Whatever you do today – enjoy and thanks for stopping by!