icky kitty

icky kitty

Almost sunset, chooks heading for bed, wondering where the cat is… Suddenly alarmed by a loud caterwauling, as we rushed to the window to see what it was; we notice a small, bedraggled figure, limping to the front door. Small daughter rushes to her “baby” wrapping him in towels, checking the bone alignment of front leg. “Mum is it broken?” Mm, not weight bearing, slightly swollen, doesn’t like to be touched; better keep an eye to it. But what happened to kitty, how did he come to this wretched state?

We all know cats don’t fly, (well if you check out the April posts you’ll know this one did!) Being part Norwegian Forest cat he loves to climb the big beech trees which overhang the burn. He is an enthusiast, charging up the tree and out on a limb – usually the thinnest we can imagine and he’s clumsy. So we can only surmise that he climbed the tree, lost his footing and fell into the burn.

BUT perhaps there is another scenario. Whilst closing up the greenhouses and chickens, am suddenly startled (nay, alarmed) by loud music and singing. Banshee? Fran and Anna? “VOTE YES!” implores the voice from over the hill. So perhaps while quietly minding his own business, scaling the dizzy heights; the cat too was startled by the noise and lost his footing! First casualty of the “YES” campaign?

In case you are worried – he’s fine – took a lot of grooming but he’s clean and forgotten all about his sore paw.

Another “unco mournfu’ tale” from Scotland…

Favourite Burn’s Poem “Poor Mailie’s Elegy”; enjoy!


Seen in Alloway, Burn’s birthplace, “Robert Burns would have voted YES!”