Delicate fade...

A quiet ending to a peaceful day. Only the cat and the chickens for company, alone but not lonely. Hubby left for early flight and as I gazed at the sun rising in the east realised the busy bird was in fact the bat, still sweeping the air for insects. The rising sun and setting moon were sharing the same sky. As the sun climbed higher the day grew warmer, a perfect day for working in the garden. All those neglected little jobs as the season draws to an end; gathering the pots for washing, strimming the long grass, weeding the fruit garden, all in the company of those curious chickens.

checking out the new fence

New fence finally in place, didn’t take the girls long to find a way to the far side or the cat to find he can jump through – rather impressed by his agility.

Wild flowers

The garden throbs to the sound of bees and hoverflies flitting from flower to flower; the flutter of the first leaves as they fall, butterflies, some dressed in winged newness while others are tattered and torn. A large wood wasp traverses the garden like a tiny Zeppelin, the spruce cones begin to ripen. The curlew’s call…

Jonny Johnston

With each warm day the fruit reddens and sweetens, dad’s little apple deliciously red. ย Lengthening, evening shadows steal across the garden, sweet peas perfume the still, warm air.Blackbird sings his evening song, sweet and long; it seems that every branch is filled with song as the birds return from their summer lodgings. And over the beeches flit a small dark spectre – little bat returns for night patrol.


Goodnight garden.

May your sleep be restful till you wake refreshed…