Just when we thought autumn had arrived, summer returned in glorious splendour. Busy farmers harvesting the cereals, trailers of wheat, new bales litter the the stubble fields. Grassy meadows freshly cut, more trailers returning to the farm to prepare the winter silage. The swifts and swallows are massing on the overhead wires. Swooping, diving, screeching overhead, restless and all atwitter! Spiders are massing too all around the window frames, hiding egg balls in the crevices. Dragonflies fly lazily over the garden, just mind those chickens!

Green manures have been bought and planting up the harvested gardens. Chickens busy foraging under the beech trees, seems fairly safe to plant the field beans. Just as the first seeds are broadcast, four chicken miraculously appear, snatching the beans, nibbling them before spitting them out. “We don’t like these beans”; “good” thinks I before the girls grab another handful. Eyed disapprovingly; “we don’t like these beans!” So stop eating my beans! Disappointed they wander off quietly muttering to each other “we don’t like beans“…