Or stupid maybe?


Feeling a little smug (once I had learned to use the socket set;) had stripped down the small secateurs, oiled and sharpened them and put them back together. Feeling on a roll (yea, some of us don’t learn from our own mistakes let alone those of others,) I started on the middle sized pair… Struggling a bit with the sharpening tool and oops…

 Neatly Dressed

Retrieved the First Aid box from the shed, joined by the chickens who followed me around as I looked for my phone. Friend is a first-aider in the village, so while applying pressure and wandering around with my hand up friend arrived expecting to wheech me off to A&E. Lavender essential oil and a few Steri-Strips later – good as new just another scar to add to the collection… But I do have SHARP secateurs now!

Grateful for friends and find myself humming “You got a friend in me

Whatever you do today –  do it safely!