Well, the world did not end, the clouds parted and moonlight vanquished the dark.


The sun rose pink in the eastern sky; the wind has dropped to a gentle breeze.

perfect in pink

I breathe, I eat, I write, I create. Let me learn from my mistakes, let me learn from others instead of barrelling into unknown cyber kingdoms. How nice that WordPressΒ takes you at your word; “You want it down? Sure we can do that, just give me a minute” No need to apply to be forgotten…

It is only my pride that is hurt, I still have all my photos I just need to upload them again – just like they warn you. It will take sometime but it’s do-able; it’s an irritant rather than a tragedy. I can fix this!

The news is full of real tragedy in far flung places we had never heard of before now. Can we fix it? Only time will tell.

What ever you do today; do it wisely and enjoy the moments!