How’s that for enthusiasm? Got the wee orange bus into town and back after a coffee with a friend; hurricane Bertha has blown in so a distinctly autumnal feel to the garden. Wind rattling the slates and house much cooler – forgot to close all the trickle vents – oops! Hollyhocks still standing, no repeat of Sunday’s torrential rain and the sun is almost shining.

There is nothing like moving house for clearing out the clutter but after two years things are silting up again. Just as I was painting my room (almost two years ago) my mum became ill; so said room has had boxes sitting in it all this time. Finally, being unable to stand it any longer, have tidied the shed, moved the boxes, tidied my room (almost) and feel I can breath again. Now there is room for the swallows to fledge, the cat the have a cat’s eye view and no excuse for not finding things. Phew! Swallows have raised three broods (we think), there are certainly a lot of swallows diving around though one or two casualties during the very hot weather.

Had a very nice visit with my mum yesterday, thought she had gone to the church service but found a little group enjoying afternoon tea and then they started reminiscing. It was lovely to hear their stories especially as they are usually so self-contained; we felt very privileged to be a part of it. Failing memory robs people of so much but I really respect those who care so well for our elders. We, as their children, must be their advocates speaking up when necessary, not a comfortable place to be but if we don’t who will?

Kate Swaffer writes a wonderful blog from a very personal point of view, you can find it here:

Whatever you do today, enjoy the moment and the memories!