With the Commonwealth Games happening on our doorstop, hubby managed to prise me from the garden and on the train to Glasgow. Glasgow is “jumping”! We haven’t seen it so busy for a long time. Went for a walk with the camera around the city centre. Buchanan Street has seen some changes with businesses moving up the street, lots of street theatre happening too and the “Merchant Festival” in full swing. Even bumped into friends – what are the chances? To those who say  “its not as good as the Olympics” Yea, its not the Olympics! But its fun…

Enjoyed the Badminton Preliminaries, arrived just as the Scottish mixed doubles had taken to the court, lots of cheers as they won!  Encouraged to “make some noise” and “gie it laldy!” Then Scotland won the men’s doubles too (check out my Instagram page for proof! #friendlygames). Does get a bit confusing with 4 games in progress at the same time and inevitably looking the wrong way when the points are scored. But enjoyed the experience, lots of very friendly volunteers, talking plants (yea, you know who you are!) Free train travel to the venues, welcoming the athletes to the platforms. Lord Wellington, outside GOMA, wearing his normal traffic cone in the afternoon but by evening he’d gone Gold. It’s Glasgow, this is who we are, “a wee bit aff the square.

Whatever you are up to today, enjoy!