Au contraire! A quick glance around the garden tells a very different story. The garden is filled with very busy insects, resounding to the sound of bees and hoverflies (flower flies in the US). Ground beetles scuttle among the leaf litter, hide under stones, while emerging butterflies, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Gatekeeper and many moths visit nectar rich flowers. A ground nest of wasps requires respect. Maybe because we are surrounded by farmland there is also a very large fly population. Oddly, although I have seen the larvae and pupae, there are very few Ladybirds in spite of a healthy aphid community. Many of our insects are in decline, we all know about bees but overlook other pollinators. Without pollinators we should all be hungry!

Ragweed is just coming into flower, branded as a noxious weed we are urged to pull it out, but it hosts a wide insect community. Poisonous to grazing animals, “Buglife” are encouraging gardeners to leave it as an important nectar plant.

Sitting quietly in the garden filled with birdsong and the quite hum of insects is something quite wonderful. Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” sounded the alarm many decades ago but are we still more interested in perfect plants rather than diverse community?

Put the bug spray away, lets hear it for the unsung garden heroes – LOVE your bugs!