It must be Glasgow Fair, traditionally the time when all the factories shut and the populace would head off to the seaside or out to the country. In the past Central Station would be packed, the buses would be packed and all the guest houses full as everyone went “doon the watter“. Looking out over the water yesterday I remembered it was “Fair Monday” as the Cruise liner steamed up the Clyde; (probably on its way to Greenock).

Cruising the Firth

Later, while working in the garden, an unusual noise brought me out of my weeding reverie. Sounded like an old “puffer” was delighted to see the “Waverley“, one of the last sea going paddle-steamers passing, full of day-trippers going “doon the watter”. Its individual sound caught hubby’s attention on the return journey too.



Commonwealth Games start tomorrow in Glasgow, maybe a good time to exit the city if you are not particularly sporty!

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