I’m one of those people who think that by 9:00 a.m. half the day has gone. The list in my head is getting longer because the list from last week is still unachieved. Was it a bad week? No, just an odd one, and on reflection, it was because I spent my time reacting and not acting! So, let me write myself some reminders:

  • Don’t ask people with dementia if their clothes fit – check it out – then you won’t spend days worrying and rushing around buying clothes at the last minute. And DO check their clothing regularly; things wear out!
  • If you are hosting something, try and find out who is definitely coming then you won’t spend all week worrying about it (plus the above)
  • Give your friends proper directions, then they will arrive unstressed and no frantic phone calls in between!
  • When you lift the pie crust out of the oven – remember it’s a ring – then dessert won’t be on the floor. Evaporated milk and Condensed milk are in very similar containers!
  • Take a Sabbath rest – you need it to restore body, mind and soul.

Listening to my own advice, I walked down to the road to watch the sunset. The quiet seeped deep inside, soothing frayed nerves, the cry of the sea birds reaching from the far shoreline along with the sound of the waves. Bats, emerging from their roost, cartwheeling over the tarmac, delighting my inner child.


Actually, though a little fraught and the list remains unfulfilled, my friend and former tutor visited. Discussed the state of Herbal Medicine in UK, lack of progress and Statutory Regulation, swapped gardening stories enjoyed the sunny garden and the chickens.  Was delighted to entertain two friends on Saturday but it rained hard all day, sent them home with lovely free range eggs. Hubby only back a week from another African Odyssey, catching up too. I should write a list and enjoy striking things off. Beeps from the kitchen the bread is made, washing finished. The ironing can wait, the chooks need cleaned out, herbs need harvesting, herbal oils need straining and bottling…. Thank goodness for Sundays; meringue, strawberries and cream shared with family – forget the healthy food. Fudge sauce anyone – one chunk or two?

Chicken love; enjoy :http://i.imgur.com/tKDr77R.gif

Whatever you do this week enjoy and take time to watch the sunset!


‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.
Mark 2:27