St Swithin’s Day dawned bright and sunny, a relief as yesterday was wet and grey, although the garden needed rain; 40 days would be a bit much! Refreshed, the garden has burst into flower again. Yellow and white herbs are giving way to purple and pink, the poppies (P. somnifera) are mainly purple this year but the corn poppies (P. rhoeas) are just just breaking. The chickens “help” garden, working at my feet finding snails, eel-worms, earthworms, grubs… The cat has taken to herding them, sending them back from the road, or charging across the garden when they attempt to go AWOL. Almost sunset and they’re still busy chasing bugs, grazing grass and checking the kitchen door for human activity!

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithun’s day if thou be fair
For forty days ‘twill rain nae mare