Saturday sunshine and finally, several weeks after the event we have all the family together  to celebrate the “Round” birthday. Hubby happy to have his bus pass so he can take the little orange bus whenever he pleases!


A feast of food, flowers and family. Sitting in the sunshine drinking “Spritz” to remind us of Venice. Exchanging holiday gifts and photos (two just back from diving in Egypt); swapping cat stories (of the slimming cat and the hunting cat). Sharing a meal together and celebrating another birthday mile-stone.

Realising how quickly the weeks have passed and how near to midsummer it is as the sunsets get nearer to Goatfell. The chickens arrive this week but still no fence, was supposed to be the end of March but the weather rather delayed all the fencing projects before mine!

Life seems to have gone a little awry so will endeavour to write my blog at least 3 times weekly….

Meanwhile thank you all for dropping by  and leaving feedback.


The Garden is full of summer and I’m fast running out of room and needing to cut new beds…

Have a good week!